Fastest way to build, train, and deploy

You focus on data science.

We'll handle

the configuration

the infrastructure

the environments

the deployments

the version control

the monitoring is the platform for ML as WordPress is the platform for websites.

Start building in seconds, not days

Setting up your own deep learning server from scratch can take days – forget that
Start building in 30 seconds with – your fully configured development environment for deep learning on the cloud.

  • Jupyter Notebooks and scripts

    Your stack, Your tools, Powered-up!

  • GPU workspace in 1-click

    Cost-effective & optimized for Deep Learning.

  • Github integration

    Your code remains in your own repos.

  • Google BigQuery integration

    We add new data sources constantly.

breakout game ml project on rectified platform

Train at Scale and Collaborate

Explore your data, train models on powerful GPUs, create APIs, and automate your entire workflow. provides collaboration tools to simplify your Data journey. Data Science Platform as a Service Project Dashboard
  • Provider Agnostic

    We are Google Cloud, AWS and On-Premise Friendly.

  • Cost Optimization

    Scale with our cost optimizer. Scheduled shutdowns, improved execution time.

  • Secure & Reproducible

  • End-to-End Workflows

Generate Great Reports & Share

Reporting is a huge pain when you do it manually…Copy, Paste, PDF, Email, Loop this for every change!!?

Our Great Reporting Tool is provided for FREE, Enjoy!


Focus on AI, not environments

All the frameworks, libraries and drivers you need for deep learning are pre-installed and optimized for performance. You can easily install custom dependencies too.

“Only a fraction ML systems is composed of ML code. 

The required surrounding infrastructure is vast and complex.”

ResearchGate Article – D. Sculley, Gary Holt, Daniel Golovin, Eugene Davydov, Todd Phillips – Google, Inc.

Forget Infrastructure and save months

Your jobs run on our fully managed platform. We handle everything critical for production – infrastructure provisioning, orchestration, logging, security and more – freeing your team from worrying about DevOps.

Polyaxon is a great choice if you love to re-invent the wheel, one step at a time.

Installing the code on your kubernetes takes so much time and effort for professionals.

We love their team's work, which inspired us to simplify Rectified.

Watch minute 11 onwards:

AWS has a ton of FREE docs to read, before “Hello Deep Learning”.

In our experience, at least 3 months is required to get your team started. 

Do NOT forget about IAM, EC2, DNS, VPC and the “pricing calculator” 

Me reading the docs to learn them “deeply”: