We Empower companies to grow & innovate better by providing simplified access to Data Science.

“It was 1995 when we first met somewhere in France; finding out each of us got a new brother. A couple of years ago, we started Rectified.ai thanks to our shared passion for technology and data science.”

Rectified.ai Co-Founders

Meet the Team

Amir Moradi Co-Founder Rectified.ai Portrait

Amir Moradi

I believe startups and SMEs deserve ML Superpowers. Technology Agnostic Entrepreneur, +12 Years Building Solutions for Startups and Scale-ups.
Amin Moradi Rectified.ai Co-Founder Portrait

Amin Moradi

I code. I build. I grow.
Highly motivated to make a positive impact on technology with great experience in teamwork, leadership and entrepreneurship.

We join forces to bring a greatly positive impact using ML & AI for companies.

Meet Our Data Scientists

We understand your Use-Case and will help in all steps of your ML Journey.

We have partnered with great people who have ML/AI/DL/NLP expertise and knowledge about market & business subjects.

(Names redacted for privacy and following GDPR regulations)

D. S.

+5 years of Applied ML Experience. E-Commerce Specialized. Master's Degree in Deep Learning.

K. R.

+8 years of Applied AI/ML Experience. FinTech Specialized. Master's Degree in Federated Learning.

A. B.

+4 years of Applied NLP Experience. Conversational Apps Specialized. PhD Degree in NLP.

Our values

At Rectified, our core values reflect the fundamental beliefs and principles that are integral to our company. They guide our actions, inform decision-making, drive culture, and align the team.

Simplicity Obssession

We make users' ML journey a simple and happy one.
UX/UI For All, even Geeks!

Live on Feedback

We build iteratively based on users' feedback. Focus on user and all will follow.

Meritocracy Culture

Read Principles by Ray Dalio. We fight daily for expertise and knowledge.

Life Balance

We live and work passionately.

Maximize Diversity

We believe diversity is the key to great evolutions.

Over Deliver

Great just isn’t good enough.

Eager to Simplify Access to Data Science?

We hire for attitude, motivation and personality.

Skills are important, but they can be acquired rapidly.

We are inspired and influenced by these great people: Simon Sinek; Ray Dalio; Jack Ma; Seth Godin; Elon Musk


Join the Team

Join the Team

Eager to Simplify Access to Data Science?