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Start training in 30 seconds with Rectified.ai – Your fully configured environment for Deep Learning on the cloud.

  • Jupyter Notebooks and scripts

    Your stack, Your tools, Powered-up!

  • GPU workspace in 1-click

    Cost-effective & optimized for Deep Learning.

  • Github integration

    Your code remains in your own repos.

  • Google BigQuery integration

    We add new data sources constantly.

Powerful Tools, Made Simple.

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Rectified.ai Opens up an ocean of possibilities to early-on startups, as well as bigger teams.

A centralised access to powerful tools and service providers from a user-friendly platform.

Rectified.ai Data Science Platform - Access to Powerful ML Tools

Limitless, Powerful & Secure

Leverage the Full Potential of Cloud Providers & Scale to Infinity.

  • Provider Agnostic​

    We are Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and On-Premise Friendly. We sit next to your current tools.

  • AI based ROI Maximizer

    Spot & Pre-emptible Instances, Optimized Execution Time, Scheduled Shutdowns. Our AI helps maximize your ROI.

  • Secure & Auditable

    End-to-End Encrypted Platform Layers. Our proprietary & innovative technology secures your ML project from everyone, even us.

Love our Reporting & Collaboration Tools

Reporting is a huge pain when you do it manually…Copy, Paste, PDF, Email, Loop this for everychange!!?
Our Reporting Tool is provided for FREE, Enjoy!

Focus on AI, not environments

All the frameworks, libraries and drivers you need for deep learning are pre-installed and optimized for performance. You can easily install custom dependencies too.

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