Infra Automation For ML


Your ML Project starts “Now”. Literally!


Forget about your IT/Tech/Devops “Friends”, run your ML on

We take care of the infrastructure.


Jump-start your ML project with a ready-made infrastructure. All included.

We provide a centralised, controlled and governable environment for platform users.

Zero to ML in 15 minutes.

Blazing fast path to start your enterprise grade Data Science project.

We take care of all the plumbing.

Check our demo video, and try to beat our record 😉


Provider agnostic data science on cloud or on-premises

Provider Agnostic

Our core architecture is built on advanced tech like K8s, Istio, Openfaas, Terraform, Vault… runs almost Everywhere.

Public/Private/Hybrid Clouds, On-Prem, On-Mars… You name it!

Empower all teams with Data.

We allow organizations to massively scale Data Science (ML, AI, NLP,…) efforts by making DS accessible to a wider audience within the enterprise.


We are a “Data-Scientist-First” platform, built by Data-Scientists, for everyone.


Freedom of Stack

Your Stack. Your Platform. Your Rules.


Use your choice of tools and languages:

VS Code, Jupyter, R, Python…Martian? Data Science Platform as a Service

Automatic Model Serving

Model to Scalable API: 10 minutes.

You can take more coffee breaks !


Amin Moradi

Amin Moradi


I’m here because I believe the protagonist of our story is intelligent systems and that’s where the spotlight should be.

Amir Moradi

Amir Moradi


I am here because I believe we will build a better World using Data Science. Data helps push innovation faster, and make better decisions.

Advisory Board

Xavier Chauvin

Xavier Chauvin

Xavier co-founded Beauteprivee in 2007, and took the company from 0€ to +65M€. Active in entrepreneurship, he is an associate in SaaS Partners, empowering new startups and scale-ups.

Ardavan Beigui

Ardavan Beigui

Ardavan co-founded Tinyclues in 2013 and took the company from $0 to $10M in revenue on two continents (Europe & North America). He’s now embarking on a new journey of building products and services that solve problems people face in their work and their personal life.